Labelling and conveyor systems require precisely adjustable mounts for lightweight instrumentation and control elements. The firm mounting of sensors, reflectors, signal generators, cameras and lines is a critical factor here. Plus, these elements must be re-adjustable at any time. Inocon offers products that are perfect for these requirements.

Labelling systems

Labels are pieces of plastic or paper that are affixed to products or packaging on fast-moving, automatic conveyor systems.

Labels are used in many industries. Practically every production operation must affix removable labels to its products or packaging. The solutions from Inocon have particularly impressed customers in the following industries: 


  • Food technology
  • Transport packaging
  • General production applications
  • Mechanical engineering and plant construction


Inocon offers a wide selection of reliable mounting systems for use in labelling systems. Once fixed in place, they hold the sensors, reflectors or cameras in position even under challenging conditions.


Inocon products for labelling and conveyor systems
Clamps for round and square tubes

Not only do the robust clamps for round and square tubes maintain an impressively strong hold on the attached module, they can also be used to assemble sophisticated and extremely sturdy scaffolds, frames and special constructions.





Universal clamp mountings

Instrumentation and control modules come in a diverse array of options, and clamp mountings from Inocon meet this diversity with universal capabilities to serve the full range of applications. A reliable, firm hold, easy assembly and minimal requirements on the environmental conditions are key features of Inocon’s clamp mountings.



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Inocon mounting systems in use

Advantages of Inocon products for labelling and conveyor systems

The clamps for round and square tubes hold the mounted component in position for any length of time. The products from Inocon remain consistently reliable even in the following environments:


  • Heavy vibrations
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • High moisture
  • Aggressive media


This makes them the preferred mounting systems even for exceptionally challenging aseptic filling stations. The compact and stable clamps of aluminum can be furnished with any type of coating and are individually configurable to meet specific customer requirements.

These practical experiences have convinced our customers of the quality of Inocon mounting systems.




Conveyor systems

Challenges in conveyor applications

Conveyor systems are responsible for the continuous transport of products at defined speeds within production facilities. The roller or belt conveyors must always move according to the requirements of the position. Starting, stopping and accelerating is controlled by sensors. These are mounted to overhead structures assembled with tubes and clamps. The Inocon product range offers reliable mounting systems for lateral guidance on roller and belt conveyors as well. This makes it possible to precisely position cameras, lamps and sensors. The width and height of the conveyor systems can be modified in just a few quick actions.

Gripping systems

Pick-and-place systems move products from one conveyor system to another conveyor or processing station. Maximum precision is required in approaching the product with the gripper. A variety of sensors are required to ensure reliable and flawless picking and placing of the items. Clamps and mountings for cameras, sensors and reflectors allow for optimal positioning of these instrumentation and control components. The orientation of the modules can be readjusted quickly and easily when conditions change.

Sensor systems for bottle cleaning

In a bottle cleaning system, a camera monitors the condition of the cleaned container. If a bottle is not sufficiently clean, a pusher moves the container out of the conveyor system. This process takes mere fractions of a second. The movement of the bottles and the contact of the pusher produce significant vibrations. The mounting for the camera, lateral guidance and other sensors must remain firmly in place. Inocon offers products with exceptionally high reliability that are perfect for this application.


Many customers have already discovered the reliability of our systems.
Many customers have already discovered the reliability of our systems.
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More areas of application for Inocon products

  • Clamp mountings from Inocon are valuable aids in the construction of special machines.

  • Clamp mountings from Inocon ensure precise results in research and development.





Contacting Inocon

Do you have challenging requirements for inexpensive but reliable mounting systems? Then give us a call. Our competent customer service staff will advise you on how our products can solve your problem. We will find the perfect clamp or clamp mounting solution for you.