Inocon solutions for special machine and plant construction

A plant is a combination of individual production and testing applications built as special-purpose machines. These stations are connected together by a conveyor system. Both the individual machines and their interlinkages are heavily dependent on reliable monitoring and control systems. Inocon provides the necessary connection elements and positioning systems for frames and mounts in the form of clamps and linear units. Typical applications are found in manual manufacturing processes and the automotive industry.

Products from Inocon for special machine and plant construction

Inocon offers the following clamps for assembling robust stands, scaffolds, and frames for special machine and plant construction:

  • Clamps
  • Angle clamps
  • Joint clamps

Clamps ensure the quick and easy assembly of frames, scaffolds, and stands of all kinds.

Angle clamps can be used to assemble sophisticated scaffolds and frames at non-right angles.

Joint clamps expand scaffolds and frames with flexible, swiveling elements.

Inocon mounts and connectors for assemblies and stands

Mounts for light barriers

Inocon mounts and connectors are especially well suited for firm positioning of photoelectric sensors and their reflectors. These play a major role in pick-and-place systems. They are indispensable in packaging systems, automated serial assembly lines, and production machinery infeed systems.



Laser sensors check the presence of products or manipulators in order to trigger additional movements. This requires that the mounts and connectors be installed especially reliably. Inocon products also impress in challenging applications at high temperatures, under heavy vibrations or in contact with aggressive media by providing a firm and rustproof connection. This makes them ideal for use in medical applications, aseptic food processing, and pharmaceutical production.

Lateral guidance for conveyor systems

Production plants require reliable conveyor systems for transporting intermediate products from one processing or testing station to the next. The lateral guidance on belt or roller conveyors ensures that products do not fall down. Inocon mounts guarantee that conveyor systems retain lateral stability and stay safe.

Testing stations for bottle cleaning

Recycling is a major factor in the beverage industry. Bottles of plastic or glass are cleaned and reintroduced into the filling process. Complex camera systems are required to ensure that the bottles are clean and undamaged. Mounts from Inocon have proven highly effective at keeping these systems firmly in place even at high production speeds.

Advantages of the Inocon solutions for special machine and plant construction

Inocon offers products with the following advantages for special machine and plant construction:


  • Flexible and quick assembly solutions using clamps
  • Optimal integration thanks to modular systems
  • Maximum long-term stability even under heavy vibrations or production processes with heating and cooling cycles
  • Rustproof and aseptic modules for applications with challenging hygiene requirements
  • Customer-specific pre-built assemblies.


These advantages make Inocon one of the most successful suppliers to builders of special machines and plants. The products and solutions enable impressively simple and flexible assembly, a reliable and long-lasting hold, and corrosion-free operation.

Inocon mounts for use in special machine and plant construction offer impressively high reliability, robust design, and suitability for a wide range of environments.

More areas of application for Inocon products

  • Inocon offers reliable and sturdy solutions for labelling and conveyor systems
  • Inocon mounts and clamps are an optimal addition to testing setups in research and development.






Do you have a special machine and plant construction challenge? Then send us an email or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the ideal solution for your application.