1C Clamp mountings

The group “Clamp Mountings 1C” contains single-piece parts made from drawn aluminum profiles or plastic. The aluminum clamp mountings have slitted clamping points machined by cutting methods that receive rods and tubes with round or square cross-sections via the additionally incorporated square bore in some versions.

Hex socket cap screws or adjustable hand levers, together with the thread cut into the part, reduce the bore cross-section for clamping. Adjustable hand levers are intended for repeated, tool-free clamping.

Clamp mountings are available in all typical part types, such as cross, base or flanged clamps, with bore diameters from 8 to 20 mm. Larger diameters can be found in the group “Tube Clamps 1B”.

Together with rods and tubes, clamp mountings can be used to quickly and easily assemble stable tube constructions that can be flexibly adapted to many different areas of application, such as in automation, sensor systems, and jig and fixture construction.

1C Clamp mountings