Clamps are used in research and development for holding, positioning or moving lightweight parts. They serve for building fixtures and assemblies of all kinds, such as for test systems or laboratory setups. Clamps are used to fasten frames, sensors, lights or cameras. They must function well even under difficult conditions, such as heavy vibrations, temperature fluctuations, and aggressive environments. The following industries appreciate our reliable solutions for clamp mountings and clamps in their research and development work:

  • Food technology
  • Medical laboratories
  • Universities
  • Private research institutes
  • Material testing services
  • Inhouse quality control laboratories

Laboratory and testing setups

Laboratory and testing setups play a major role in research and development. These applications involve testing of new products and procedures before they enter into production. The laboratory is used for quality assurance purposes during manufacturing. Appropriate setups are required in order to correctly evaluate a product or procedure. Because the conditions can change quickly, the setups must be flexible and variable.


Inocon offers a wide range of appropriate products for building laboratory and testing setups. They can be used to position cameras, lamps, sensors or actuator mounts however is needed. The robust setups built from Inocon products ensure that testing can be performed with consistent precision. This ensures valid results for every test series.

Our products and solutions for research and development

Inocon offers the following clamp products and solutions for research and development applications:

  • Various stainless steel clamps
  • Stainless steel joints/lugs
  • Various aluminum clamps
  • Aluminum tube supports

Clamp mountings for sensors, cameras, reflectors, or other attachment modules:Clamp mountings for sensors, cameras, reflectors, or other attachment modules:

  • Aluminum sensor mounts
  • Clamp mountings
  • Single and double tube linear units
  • Accessories
  • Linear units
  • Tube connectors

High-strength clamps for assembling frames, stands and scaffolds.

Reliable and high-strength clamp mountings for sensors, cameras, reflectors and modules.
Reliable and high-strength clamp mountings for sensors, cameras, reflectors and modules.

Inocon products offer these advantages for research and development

The Inocon products feature low weight, corrosion resistance and high reliability. Aluminum and stainless steel are rustproof, easy to clean and resistant to all types of chemical influences. Stainless steel also has aseptic properties. Mounts made of this material are especially suited for hygienically demanding applications.


The surfaces of all Inocon products can be finished with the following processes:

  • Sandblasting
  • Powder coating
  • Tumbling
  • Anodizing

The product range includes many standard sizes, such as diameters of 18, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mm. Individual configurations are also possible at any time.


Inocon even offers fully built assemblies according to customer specifications.

More areas of application for Inocon products

  • Inocon offers optimal support for labelling and conveyor systems.

  • Successful special machine and plant construction with solutions from Inocon.



All areas of application 


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