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VZK Clamping plates

VZK Clamping plates

Product description

Clamping plates VZK can be used to clamp the spindles of linear units after completing a movement. The clamping bore diameter is sufficiently reduced by the adjustable hand lever that the spindle journal of the linear unit no longer turns, preventing accidental shifting of the established position.

The clamping plate must be chosen based on the size of the linear unit, as indicated in the table. A torque support VZDR / VZDV or VZDD is additionally needed for Ø 18 to install a clamping plate. The spiral pin establishes a positive connection between the clamping plate and the torque support to prevent turning along.

The clamping plates and adjustable hand levers are made of black powder-coated die-cast zinc, and the clamping threaded inserts are made of zinc-plated steel.

RoHS-compliant product


For use with

  • Single tube linear units, round, with torque support VZDR
  • Single tube linear units, square, with torque support VZDV
  • Double tube linear units with torque support VZDD
 VZK Clamping plates Type: B - For electronic position indicators
 VZK Clamping plates Type: A - For mechanical position indicators (also usable without position indicator, e. g. only with handwheel)
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AFor mechanical position indicators (also usable without position indicator, e. g. only with handwheel)
BFor electronic position indicators
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Linear unit
nominal diameter
bd2 F9l1
Type A

Type B
Type A

Type B
l3Combineable with
position indicator
Type A

Type B
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Linear unit nominal diameter

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