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LKT Swivel clamps stainless steel

LKT Swivel clamps stainless steel

Product description

Swivel clamps LKT of precision-cast stainless steel have a slitted clamping point machined by cutting methods and a smooth fastening lug.

The fastening lug is centered and forms a T-shape relative to the axis of the bore, which receives typically available rods and tubes with full contact over the entire cross-section.

The screw point of the fastening lug receives hex head or hex socket cap screws or a lock nut for fastening any additional parts. At the clamping point, a hex socket cap screw or an adjustable hand lever reduces the bore cross-section for clamping.

By combining swivel clamps with identical screw points, it is possible to assemble any type of joint clamp.

Adjustable hand levers are intended for repeated, tool-free clamping. Under the designation HEK, these are available separately for individual use and in other designs. Compared with the tool-operated hex socket cap screw, the clamping force achievable with an adjustable hand lever is lowerdue to the shorter lever length.

RoHS-compliant product

On request

  • Clamping point with special diameter
  • Screw point with hex head screw
  • Surface ball-burnished or powder-coated in other RAL colors
 LKT Swivel clamps, stainless steel Material: ED - Stainless steel, blasted, matt
Screw point: 2 - Hex socket cap screw stainless steel DIN 912-A2-70 and lock nut stainless steel DIN 985-A2, glide coating
Article options / Table

Screw point

2Hex socket cap screw stainless steel DIN 912-A2-70 and lock nut stainless steel DIN 985-A2, glide coating
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d2kl1l2mstHex socket
cap screw
recom. hand lever HEK
lever length
B 12256,531,56134,548,51012,5M6-20-
B 14256,531,56134,548,51012,5M6-20-
B 15256,531,56134,548,51012,5M6-20-
B 16256,531,56134,548,51012,5M6-20-
B 18256,531,56134,548,51012,5M6-2063
B 20256,531,56134,548,51012,5M6-2063
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Bore d1
Screw point


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This article is RoHS-compliant in application of Annex III., which means it complies with EU Directive 2011/65/EU, including extension (2015/863/EU), for restricting the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic devices. The Directive regulates the use of hazardous substances in devices and components. The implementation in national law is summarily described with RoHS(Restriction of (the use of certain) hazardous substances)).

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